The Chronicle is the Parish magazine of Aston Abbotts, a little rural village in central Buckinghamshire, England.

For over twenty years the Chronicle has documented the events and happenings, the comings and goings, the deaths and marriages and all of those little things that go to make up village life in modern day England. Now we proudly take our first hesitant steps out into the wider online world.

This web site serves three purposes. Firstly it helps "ex-pat" Astonians - our former residents who foolishly moved away - keep in touch with what is happening back in Aston Abbotts.

Secondly, it will give us the chance to publish a few colour pictures online once in a while, Pictures do not reproduce well via the Chronicle's printing process, usually emerging as a fuzzy black and white image that leaves most readers guessing as to its content.

Front cover picture

Finally, the site gives us a chance to offer up a little snapshot of Aston Abbotts, a few selected savoury morsels of life here in this part of England. Perhaps people looking for property in the area might stumble upon this web page via a search engine and they might just discover that this is a village worth looking at. By the way, if you would like to know a little more about Aston Abbotts then please check out the Aston Abbotts website.

So, whoever you are - welcome. Please step inside and look around. You will find some information about Aston Abbotts, The history of The Chronicle, some selected stories from recent years, a few fun items and, of course, the Back Page. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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