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GNOMES, otherwise known as, Girls Night Out Men Excluded Sorry, was born of an idea to complement the 6.30 club, but of course for the girls only. It is primarily a social occasion, we celebrate good news, share our sorrows and air our views! Although there is a hard core of "regulars", people come and people go and anyone is welcome. One of the objectives is to provide a meeting place for newcomers to the village, which can be helpful for them to get know people. There is no membership, or obligation to attend every week, it is completely voluntary. We usually meet at one of our houses on a Tuesday night, from 7.30 onwards. There can be anything from two to twelve of us on average, though more often than not, half a dozen is the norm. We have also had outings to the theatre or cinema, and in the past have gone bowling, go-karting and dog racing. Any ideas for outings will be duly considered! Some years ago we appeared on the front page of the Chronicle and also in the Bucks Herald, doing a "Calendar Girl" type photo shoot, which was great fun [Seconded! - webmaster and calendar girls photographer]. Every February we have an anniversary dinner, and we have now celebrated over 15 years of Gnoming. I never imagined we would still be going strong after all these years and I sincerely hope it continues to thrive, just as the 6.30 Club once did. If any one reading this wants to try it, just send me an email asking where we are meeting. I will be happy to walk with you. Go on, you might just enjoy yourself..... Carol
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The 2021 closure of The Royal Oak pub - The Gnomes meeting place - could have been a mortal blow to The Gnomes, but undeterred they have continued to meet on a Tuesday night, taking turns at hosting the event at one of their their houses.